Tabby Cats, Black Cats

Tabby Cats

This is Gaby, short for Gabrael, given to my son as birthday present when she was a few weeks old. I didn't like it because she was a female but my son fell in love with her. After a few weeks, he lost interest in her, so I had to take care of her and became her mum. She was always with me. I was spending too much time infront of computer during that time. She was either sleeping on my lap or chasing mouse pointer or anything was moving on computer screen.

During 17 years of her life, she left home only once for a bit long time when she was about six months old. I leafleted all the neightbours to find her. While I was leafleting, someone told me about the lose of her cat, which came back after weeks with a nice necklace around the neck. After afew days I dreamt her came back with a big necklace around her neck. I woke up from the dream because of some noises. It was a midnight. Guess what the noise was? It was Gaby. She was back and calling me. We had really a happy reunion.

Black Cats

This is Faty. He was born under our bed and I was a sort of his midwife. His mother, Gaby, was about to go on labour. She was always coming to me and acting as to tell me to follow her and stay with her. I followed her. She went under the bed. I laid beside the bed and started patting her back.

She gave birth to two kittens, one of them didn't make it unfortunately. When Gaby introduced her survivng kitten to us, I thought it was a girl. So I named him “Fatima” after the name of my mother. Later when I discovered he was a boy, I just shortened his name to Faty. He gave us a lot of happiness for 18 years.

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