Smile Please
Three small stories to make you smile

My devout Christian friend put her priest in trouble with his superiors. She loved her cat very much. She forced her priest to babtise her cat.

Sometimes people ask me thes question: “How long have you been in this country?”

I reply: “Not long ago I came to this country, I have been in this country for a few years, not more than fourty five years”.

Usually they explode from laughter. Sometime they repy: “No wonder your English is so good”.

I reply: “You have not yet seen anything, just wait, after forty five more years I learn Qween's English”.

I was born in Kurdistan-Iraq. During my early years in seconday school, my Arabic language teacher was an extreme Arab nationalist and a devout Muslim. Once he was misusing a quote from Quraan and was claiming that Only Arab Muslims would go to paradise but none Arab Muslims would not be allowed but they could come as far as near the gate of paradise like beggars. One of us, in a manner to make fun of him, asked him why it was like that. He became angry and screamed: “It is like that because paradise is not like a coffee shop every one comes in freely”.

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