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1-A message from the author…5

The author is a living proof of Healthy4ever. He recovered from kidney, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, painful leg cramps and overweight diseases. He was 85.00 kgs, now he is 60.00kgs and very healthy with a lot of stamina at an age of 73. He has not become ill or got flu since early 2011

2-The Secrets of life and Healthy4ever..6

Discovery why we die because of diseases, not because of old age. Learn to cure and protect yourself from all diseases and slow down your ageing process at least by half.

3-Death and the span of life..9

How we become ill and how we can protect ourselves from all diseases.

4-Control your genes to control your ageing, health and stamina..10

Your destiny is in your hand. You can control your genes with a plant based diet at your normal grocery shopping cost, possibly cheaper..

5- The secrets of 5000 year old trees and human ageing...11

A tree, germinated before the building of Egyptian pyramids, is nearly 5000 years old and still alive. This tree has a special enzyme, which keeps it alive. Humans has the same enzyme but inactive. It can be activated with a right diet.

6-Nigerian paradox and preventing Dementia and Alzheimer's diseases..12

Nigerians have Dementia and Alzheimer's disease genes but their risk of getting the disease is very low. Americans don't have the same genes but their risk of getting the disease is very high. Why?

7-What happens when Brain, Heart, Liver and Kidneys get infections at the same times..12

If the author of Healthy4ever gets all his four organs infected at the same time, his immune system responds immediately and cures all the organs immediately at the same time. But with others, their immune system cures the infected organs slowly one after another. How?

8- I don't have stinky smells or stinky winds in toilet..13

The author of Healthy4ever don't have stinky smells and stinky winds in the toilet. Well, not 100% but at least 90% less than the rest. Why and how?

9- Curing food allergy the way anti snake bite vaccines made..14

Learn to cure yourself from food allergies in the same way anti snake bite vaccines made.

10- Plant Food colours indicate strong and more medical compounds of the food...15

Next time when grocery shopping, choose the most colourful fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, nuts and seeds. They have more and better quality medical compounds.

11- It is really easy to protect yourself from Cancer..15

Information, which doesn't take more than one side of A4 paper, to protect people from cancer for the rest of their life.

12-Don't cook your legumes, sprout them....17

Sprouted legumes are more nutritious and have a lot more medical compounds. They also saves you cooking time and costs.

13- Always wash all your foods in salty water to remove pesticides and Bacteria..18

Wash your fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds in a salty water. This includes foods like bananas and water melon to prevent cross contamination.

14-Eat it raw unless it has to be cooked..19

We become ill because we eat a lot of cooked food, which loses a lot of medical and nutritional compounds because of cooking. Grilled, roasted, Fried and griddled foods become infected with free radicals, rust. By the way, always cook your spinach, otherwise it doesn't let your body benefit from important nutrients. Also it may cause digestive problems.

15-How to eat Kale, Broccoli, Ginger and Garlic Raw..20

Help your body and immune system daily with raw kale and broccoli as well as raw ginger and garlic. They are supper healthy foods.

16-Don't juice it or smoothie it but chew it..20

It is better to chew your raw fruits to mix them with a lot of your saliva, which is an important immune and digestive compound.

17-Live longer than normal age still fit to work and enjoy life..21

Discover how to live longer than normal age and still fit to work and enjoy life.

18-Enzymes and Free Radicals..22

Enzymes, inside our body, are exactly like engine oil. Without oil the engine fails. Free radicals created when our body converts food to energy and building and repairing body cells. Enzymes have to neutralise all free radicals otherwise we become ill seriously or die. The problem, here , is that our body creates free radicals none stop but it doesn't make enzymes at the same speed. But luckily we can help our body to make enzymes more than free radicals.

19- Eight Pillars of Disease Prevention..23

Eight Disease Preventers 8DPs

1-Avoid Distress..23

Distress also creates free radicals, a fire storm of them, which our precious enzymes have to control. It causes serious diseases and accelerates ageing.

20- 2-Water Detox, Healing, Disease Prevention..25

It is said: “You are not ill, you are thirsty”. Keep your body always fully hydrated. Your immune system uses a lot of water. Never wait to become thirsty. When you become thirsty, your immune system becomes very week or stops. When you follow a system to keep your body always hydrated you also cleanse each of your 40 to 60 trillion cells of the body. This keeps your skin smooth, younger and healthy. Healthy4ever gives you a system to fit your body weight to keep you hydrated always.

21- 3-Abdominal Breathing ..27

Learn to breath abdominally to oxygenate your blood quicker to make your immune system stronger.

22-4- Chew your breakfast, Your Dinner and Lunch a lot..28

Chew your meals a lot to mix it with you saliva, which is an immune compound and digestive enzyme, But be warned it has to be started gradually. Healthy4ever has full details.

23- 5- A Healthy and Correct Diet Style Dieting Rules..30

Healthy4ever correct diet style increases enzymes and decreases free radicals.

24-Smoking Causes Cancer..31

The cause of cancer is DNA damage by free radicals. Smoking causes a firestorm of free radicals, which needs a lot of enzymes to get rid of . Sometimes it causes enzyme shortages. The shortage of enzymes increases free radicals in the body. Too much free radicals, in the body, can damage DNA to cause cancer.

25-Avoid Oxidised Food like Fried and Roasted Meals..33

Fried, grilled, roasted and griddled foods react with oxygen in the air to become oxidised, become full of free radicals. They need a lot more enzymes for digestion and neutralising free radicals.

26-Alcohol dehydrates and damages Your Liver..34

Alcohol is digested with difficulty inside liver. It needs a lot of water and digestive enzymes. It is a big heavy load on the liver. It takes too long for the liver to digest it. The enzymes, used to digest alcohol, should be spared for the use of immune system by avoiding alcoholic drinks.

27-Avoid Eating Meat and Dairy Products..35

Meat and dairy products come from animals with higher temperature than us. Because of that they can not be digested completely. Undigested food remains go to our colon to become rotten to cause a firestorm of free radicals to cause deadly diseases, like cancer. It is stated that the root, of all types of cancer, starts in the colon because of undigested rotten food in the colon.

28-Avoid processed and canned food and avoid any food with additives..36

Avoid these types of food if you can because they were exposed to air during preparation and became oxidised.

29-Avoid fizzy drinks, juices, refined food, tap water and any liquid with meals..37

Avoid them, if you can, because they are oxidised and contain additives.

30-Avoid Refined Food..38

Avoid them because they are poor with nutritional and medical compounds.

31-Avoid using Tap Water..38

Drink mineral water or filtered tap water. Tap water has additives. Filter tap water before drinking it. Drink all filtered water within 6 hours or less and dispose the rest after six hours.

32-Avoid drinking anything with your meals..39

You may be surprised to discover that the main reason we get diseases is because we drink with our meals. It dilutes the digestive enzymes. Because of this not all the food is digested. Undigested food becomes rotten in the colon. This causes colon diseases, including cancer, It also creates a firestorm of free radicals entering blood stream to infect other parts of the body in case of enzyme shortages.

33-Why are eating fresh and new fruits and vegetables important ? ..39

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables supercharges your immune system to protect and cure you from disease, as well as to make you very healthy with a lot of stamina. They create more enzymes than free radicals in the body if eaten the Healthy4ever way.

34-Eat Organic Food..40

None organic food absorbs chemicals and pesticides on the field. This harms us on the long term. But organic food is clear from these chemicals and pesticides.

35-Why we should eat fish?--42

Fish has lower temperature than us. Because of this, it perfectly digested, absorbed and metabolised. But a word of warning, fish is contaminated in this age and like other meats, it can cause kidney diseases

36-Don't cook your food..42

Raw food is healthier. Cooking loses a fair amount of nutritional and medical compounds of the food. Cooking neutralises all enzymes, which can stand temperatures of only up to 48C.

37-6-Spring clean all your 40 to 60 trillion cells. Starve Yourself For a Healthier and Longer Life..43

Fast once a week or fortnightly. Avoid only food but continue drinking your normal water daily. I fast once every week from dinner to the dinner of the following day.

38-7-Coffee Enema..44

With coffee enema, you wash your colon each time twice, first with warm water and then with coffee. It turbochargers your immune system by seven times or 700%. Not only that, it also removes a big load on the immune system to neutralise colon firestorm of free radicals.

It also cleanses your liver. I do coffee enema once a week. Full details of how to do it explained in Healthy4ever.

39-Why You Should Eat Fermented Food?..47

Fermented food is full of enzymes and nutritions, easier to digest and full of probiotics, good bacteria. Good bacteria resides in our gut and creates high quality enzymes.

40-Keep Your Digestive System Clean and Healthy to Live Young Longer,

Healthier and Happier ..48

A healthy digestive system, intestines, is  the key for a younger natural look and, a longer happier and healthier life. All internally-caused diseases develop because of unhealthy intestines, especially the colon part. Intestines are independent from the brain. They are a command centre for the immune system and a largest immune organ. They are the first to respond to toxins and infections. They generate the majority of killer cells, which kill cancer cells.

41-Program Your Genes by Yourself..50

New generations can change or program their genes by themselves by adopting new different diets, life styles and environments from their parents. This is to live healthier and avoid getting the same diseases of their parents.

42-Plant diet provides more Stamina than Meat Diet..51

In the wild life, hunters can not run for a long time but the preys can run for a lot longer time. This is why most of the times hunters give up chasing. This is quite obvious that the preys have more energy and stamina than the hunters because of their diet of plants.

44-Japanese Diet Experiment After WW11..52

Western deadly diseases were hardly known in Japan before WW11. After that millions of them got Western deadly diseases because most of them adopted western diet.

45-Soaking raw nuts, seeds, grains and legumes..53

Nuts, seeds, grains and legumes (ingredients) are power houses of nutritions, enzymes, vitamins, proteins and good oil. But raw ingredients contain natural toxins and enzyme inhibitors, which harm our health on the long run. With soaking, we can get rid of these harmful toxins.

46-Avoid drinking too much tea and coffee..55

Both tea and coffee are addictive and stimulant because both contain caffeine, which affects central nervous system. The stimulant effect is temporary and false. Once it goes away, one feels lazy and feeling depressed and down. Both tea and coffee, on the long run, scrub internal cover of digestive system, which is associated with cancer.

47- Measure Your blood Pressure Every Day..56

It is really very healthy to monitor your health every day by measuring your blood pressure and taking your temperature. In this way, you monitor your health by yourself, you know in advance if something goes wrong. Even if a dormant disease develops in the body one can discover the clues in advance to take necessary steps to deal with it.

48-Recurring Bad Dreams Are Early Warnings of becoming Ill..57

Everyone gets early warning of becoming ill from dreams but not aware of it. These warnings come in symbols and repeated many times. The dreams usually are bad and distressing. The warnings may be also about the health of someone near to you. Everyone by experience can decode their dreams about their health and the health of those near to them

49-Constipation, prevention and cure..58

Constipation happens for many reasons, some of which are lack of fibre in diet, dehydration and certain diseases. Lack of fibre creates little stool, which becomes hard and can not move through the colon easily. A diet like meat and dairy products doesn't have any fibre. It does cause constipation if eaten without any dietary fibre like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

50-8- Food Plastic Bags, Cling Films and

Freezers As Integral Parts of Healthy4ever..59

Keep all your dry foods in plastic bags, not jars, to stop them contacting air to become oxidised, loaded with free radicals. After that fold them to get rid of the air inside and put a rubber band around them to keep them closed airtight.

51-Eat Fruit peels..59

Most fruit peels, like banana, water melon, orange, kiwi fruit and most citrus fruits peels, which normally disposed, can be eaten. They are more nutritious than their fleshy parts and have more medical compounds, anti-oxidants, because they are at the front line to protect the inner parts.

52-Chewing Gum Dehydrates and Wastes Precious Enzymes on empty stomach..60

With chewing chewing gum, you use your precious enzymes from your enzyme storages without any benefits. Enzymes, taken from enzyme storages, cannot be recovered. The use of these enzymes, because of chewing chewing gum, draws a lot of water inside the body, which causes dehydration.

54-My left knee arthritis..61

I got my left knee arthritis during 1980s and recovered after 2011 because of changing my diet and life style. A few years before 2011 in hospital, I was told my arthritis wouldn't recover and had to live with it for the rest of my life.

55-My asthma, hip pains and my Doctors.61

Because of my heavy asthma during 1990s, my doctor advised me not to do any heavy work. I was unemployed at that time. Later I got employed with heavy work. Because of heavy work my asthma improved a lot. When I told the doctor, he didn't know what to say. Pain killers, prescribed by my doctor, did not help my hip pains. After rubbing Aloe Vera leaf flesh over the pain position, the pain disappeared the following day.

56-Don't use toilet paper, it could cause infections especially vaginal infection..62

It is healthier to use warm water instead of toilet paper to clean yourself in bathroom. After that wash your hands with soap and warm water.

57-Where do I shop for my Healthy4ever Diet Ingredients?..63

58-27 Kung fu physical exercises at home under an hour..63

You can do these 27 kung fu physical exercises at home to keep yourself in shipshape and healthy. The best time to do them is early morning before breakfast.

59-My Daily Diet and Life Style..68

Some Important Health Subjects…69

60-Ladies protect your  breast from cancer..69

Diet and life style is the cause of all internally-caused diseases including all types of cancer. Consuming meat as the main diet, drinking coffee and frequently consuming dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt are associated with breast cancer. All sufferers of breast cancer have this diet in common.

61-Prevention, treatment and control of kidney stones..70

Kidney stones develop because there are too much disposable minerals in our urine compared to the volume of water in the urine. To prevent and cure it, keep your body always fully hydrated. This increases the volume of water in the urine compared to the volume of minerals. The increased volume of water doesn't let any minerals left behind during urination. It also rubs the existing kidney stones and eventually removes them..

62-If it was not for the bread I would have been a lot younger..72

Bread has been a life giver since humanity learnt to cultivate crops. But it is highly oxidised because of multiple processing.

63-Cancer: Prevent and Conquer..73

Cancer is not genetic. Diet and life style causes cancer.

64-Coordinate Both Parts of Your Brain..75

Learn to coordinate both parts of your brain as self-physiotherapy and relaxation.

65-Lose weight Fast..76

You gain weight more than normal because your diet is not nutritious enough.  Because of that your body feels hunger always seeking nutrition. This makes you to eat more and more.  But if you eat a diet nutritious enough you will not eat more than necessary and you will eat just enough to adjust your weight normally

66-Your intestines need a fair amount of carbohydrates..78

Intestines, deprived from carbohydrates, become dark, narrow, rigid and takes a sort of shape as rings put around it. This is because it doesn't need to work for the lack of fibre. Carbohydrate diets have fibre. This makes the intestine to work to push food and later stool through it.

67-Why we have only four meat eating teeth?..79

We have 32 teeth, out of which only four are meat eating teeth made to tear meat, the rest are made to cut and grind plants. This means by nature, we are not meat eaters but plant eaters, because we cannot use the four meat eating teeth, although we eat meat and enjoy it.

68-Nerissa Recipe to recover from Cancer..80

A recipe made up of multi ingredients to recover from cancer.

Some Healthy4ever High Nutritious Recipes … 95

69-A healthier than normal Salad..95

When you cut a vegetable, all parts of the vegetable start to make a sort of medical compound, starting from the point of the cut, to heal the cut. The more cuts made, the more medical compounds are made.

70-Mushroomed grains..96

There is a special medical compound, which only mushrooms have a lot of. This medical compound is good for liver and eyes. Our body can benefit from it only from cooked sources like mushrooms.

71-Cooking and Health Benefits of None white Rices..96

None white rices like purple, red, black and brown rices are very nutritious and more nutritious than white rice by a lot of times times.

72-My Highly Nutritious Organic Grains..97

A recipe made from none white rice, amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa, oatmeal and organic couscous.

73-Healthy4ever Kimchi with vitamin B12..98

Kimchi is Korean food culture. It is a healthy fermented vegetable, made up of Korean cabbage, known as Chinese leaf, sun-dried red pepper, spring onions, salt and some optional extras. It is full of good enzymes and good bacteria.

74-My Healthy4ever Kimchied Fruit Salad..100

Make any fresh fruit and also vegetable salad on the style of a healthier than normal Salad

and mix it with a large table spoon of Healthy4ever kimchi.

75-Quick Nutritious grain with Nuts Recipe..101

The purpose of this recipe is to do a quick complete grain cooking and save enzymes from other ingredient additions

76-What I have in my Kitchen Food storages?..101

77-Tools to Help with Healthy4eve Diet Preparation…102

Now is available for every one to benefit from. It is available for a contribution of £10.00. Please Send contribution through PayPal. sent to your email in text format. Please click to read terms and conditions

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