A Pretty and Elegant Filipino Girl

The Story behind Healthy4ever.uk

The story starts after the death of my wife, Nerissa, from lung and liver cancer on January 2011. She was a pretty and elegant lady from Philippine. It was a very painful experience for me for losing her. We have been together since 1978 for over 32 years. I did everything to save her. I asked her cancer specialist doctor if some one can live with one lung and half liver. He replied yes theoretically. So I offered to donate one of my lung and half of my liver to saver her. He refused because he said it was too risky. I told him I was ready to take the risk on my own responsibility but he still refused it

I was also ill at the same time. I had third stage chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, left knee arthritis, asthmatic, overweight, “85.00Kgms, now 60.00Kgm”, getting painful cramps on my legs at night and getting heavy and painful flu and chest infections more than once each year. I had these diseases years before her death and I was sure I would die before her. On 2000s I made my will and gave it to her. But what do you know!!! instead she buries me, I burried her.

Doctors took too long to diagnose her disease. Because she was complaining of stomach pain at the beginning, they were sending her for physiotherapy. Now I know the first cancer specialist expert, at a government cancer clinic, we met, didn't know about cancer. I asked him why people getting cancer. He replied no one knew that and any one could get it without warning. Now I know it is not like that. No one gets cancer without reason. Wrong diet and life style causes cancer. He was an old doctor, so he must have been working as cancer specialist for years and years.

Months before she was diagnosed with cancer, I knew something was wrong with her because of my recurring bad dreams with her most of the nights because my brain was instinctively smelling her dormant disease, cancer, and was sending me warning signals about her. I was seeing her, in my recurring bad dreams, with my father and mother. who died on 1960s. It was obvious my brain was instinctively associating her with death.

After she passed away, I wanted to know what was the reason for cancer. I started to research online and read medical and health books. Soon I discovered the reason for cancer was diet and life style and was not genetic whatsoever as we made to believe. After that I changed my diet and life style. After six months, most of my diseases went under control. After a year, kidney specialist doctor, whom I had to see each six months, told me my kidneys were in order and I didn't need to see him any more. After a few years my arthritis, which I had it for years, disappeared.

Now I have collected all the information about a healthy diet and life style, under the name Healthy4ever, for every one to benefit from. It is available for a contribution of £10.00. Please Send contribution through Paypal. Healthy4ever.uk sent to your email in text format. Please click to read terms and conditions

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